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 专业医生介绍 Professional  Dr Introduction:


Dr Fan, was born in Dengfeng city of Henan Province in China. He is a professional doctor working in Chinese Medicine Center Clinic in London, UK. Dr Fan is a member of FTCMP, UK(Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners institution UK), a member of CMC, UK(Chinese Medicine Council UK)etc.

Dr Fan has been influenced by the Traditional Chinese Medical family since he was a child as he was born in this family. He was  graduated in Medical college of Zhengzhou Uninversiy (Henan Medical Uninversity) and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) University of Henan in China. He has been a Practising integrated TCM and Western Medicine doctor for more than10 years. He used to work in the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Medical University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) of Shanghai Bio-engineering Research Center, Zhengzhou Renji Trauma-micro Surgery Hospital and so on. Dr Fan is very good at treating common ailment, encountered disease , some difficult cases and rehabilitation treatment with his own original ideas and treatment experiences. He also likes studying hard , learning and treatment from different diseases. His aim is to try his best to serve for all.

  • Dr Fan has worked in the Chinese Medicine Clinic in London, UK. Practising TCM and Western Medicine doctor since 2008. He also use this combined way for Health problems,  Medical treatment, Prevention of diseases, Health protecting and Care, Rehabilitation, Studying and so on.Found a new Fan's Tui na massage way,Dr Fan has always try his best to  promote the  Traditional Chinese Medical and Western Medical way together to develop new ideas and explore new approaches for human's good health and a long life as it is the modern medical developing way .
  • 一.Functions of  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine(针灸和中药作用): 

    1.Strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors,

    2.Adjust Yin and Yang blance,

    3..Get through venation/break through Meridians(Qi channels or energy),

    4.Improve Immunity,

    5.Tonic (Strong) body,

    6.Adjust  organs  function,

    7.Improve circulation,

    8.Relieve pain and relax muscles,

    9.Health care for life,etc.

    二.Functions of massage,Tuina(推拿按摩作用):

    1.Get rid of stress,

    2.Improve blood circulation,

    3.Get rid of tiredness,

    4.Good for your memory,

    5.Get rid of insomnia,

    6.Relax the muscles,

    7.Health care for life ,etc.

    三.Functions of Reflexology(足疗作用):

    1.Improve blood circulation,

    2.Stimulate Metabolism,

    3.Improve Immunity,

    4.Adjust blood pressure,

    5.Get rid of tiredness,

    6.Get rid of insomnia,

    7.Good for digestion,

    8.Get rid of stress,

    9.Elimination of toxicant,

    10.Health care for life ,etc.

    四、Functions of Chinese herbal medicine anion steam therapy(中药阴离子熏蒸疗法作用):

     1.Improve blood circulation,

     2.Boost immunity ,

     3.Stimulates the potential of health, etc.


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