Directions 指南

 you can be treated or helped by Chinese Acupuncture and herbal medicine(针灸和中药能治疗或帮助的疾病):

1.Dermatovenereology branch(Skin and sexually transmitted disease STDs皮肤,性病科疾病):

Eczema      Cosmetic      Urticaria      Psoriasis     Verruca planar     Athlete's foot      Acne      Ringworm    Rosacea     Gonorrhoea   Syphilis      Mycotic vaginitis      Trichomonal vaginitis         Herpes     Dermatitis   Mycosis      Erythema multiform        Alopecia(or Hair loss)      Pruritis      Warts      Impetigo     Shingles   Vitiligo       Pigmentation     Allergies    etc.

2.Mental & Emotional problem(精神,心理科疾病):

Anxiety   Stress(or Depression)     Insomnia     Hysteria      Addiction to drug      Smoking & Alcoholism  etc.

3.Eye.Ear .Nose and Throat problems(眼,耳,鼻,喉科疾病:

Hay fever    Rhinitis     Earache     Sinusitis     Vertigo(or Dizziness)    Deafness    Pharyngitis    Sore throat      Tinnitus      Conjunctivitis      Allergic rhinitis     Halitosis  etc.

4.Reproductive(Men's problem ,sexual problems男性疾病):

Impotence     Premature ejaculation     Infertility     Enlarged prostate gland     Gonorrhoea     Prostatitis     Low sperm count    etc.

5.Internal disease(内科疾病):

Asthma     Cold &  Flu     Gastritis     Bronchitis     Tonsillitis      Gastric & Duodenal ulcer     Wheeze   Hepatitis   Nephritis      Constipation     Diarrhoea     Emphysema      Hyperthyroidism     Hypothyroidism    Chest pain     Irritable bowel syndrom(I.B.S)      Anaemia    Gout       Arteriosclerosis        Lupus     High cholesterol    Oedema     High & low blood pressure     Chronic fatigue syndrome(M.E)    Oral ulcer    Anorexia   Indigestion    Hemiplegia     Obesity (orLose weight)     Hemorrhoid       Colitis      Varicose veins    Diabetes   Crohn's disease etc.

6.Musculo-Skeletal & Neuralgic problems(肌肉,骨骼和神经科疾病):

Headache     Polymyalgia     Sciatica      Migraine      Frozen  shoulder      Peripheral neuritis       Epilepsy   Trigeminal neuralgia       Tennis elbow     Sprains     Stroke(Paralysis)     Back pain    Lumbago    Bursitis   Reynaud's syndrome       Bell palsy      Neurasthenia     Arthritis(Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis)   Neuritis  Carpal tunnel syndrome    Spondylitis    Vasculitis  etc.

 7.Gynae-Cological(Women's problem, sexual problems 妇产科疾病):

Menopause problem     Infertility     Cystitis     Fibroid      Pre-menstrual syndrome(P.M.S)     Thrush     Leukorrhagia    Pelvic inflammation      Irregular period       Vaginitis      Dysmenorrhoea      Endometritis  Expedite child delivery    Put right position of the fetus       Expedite child delivery    etc.

 8.Health care and Rehabilitation(Recovery) Therapy (医疗养生保健和康复理疗),etc

 9.Chinese herbals Anion steam Therapy benefit (中药阴离子熏蒸疗法适应症):  Arthritis    Pain    Sprain    Swollen    Detox    Stress    Tired    Insomnia    Blood pressure    Blood sugar    Cholesterol    CVD(Cardiovascular disease)    Lose weight(Slimming and beauty)    Beautiful skin beauty    Health(Maintenance)   etc.

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