price  list 价格单(30minutes/p.s):

 1. Acupuncture                       per  session                            £30.0

 2. Acupressure(Tui na or Medical massage per  session                £30.0

 3. Reflexology                        per  session                            £30.0

 4. Cupping                              per  session                            £15.0

 5. Skin scraping(Gua sha)          per  session                            £25.0

  6. Moxibustion                       per  session                            £25.0

  7. Ear candle                                             per  session                                                £20.0

 8. Anion steam therapy         per  session                            £30.0

 9. Lymphatic detox therapy  per session                             £30.0

10.Fire Cure(therapy)               per session(1hour)                   £30.0                           

Cheaper price when you buy a course,10% discount when you spend over £100.0 one time .

 11. Point card: spending every £10.0  win 1 point,every 100 points win 1 free session (Acupuncture  , Massage or Something else, etc).

 12. Allergy test                      per   session                          £38.0

 13. pregnancy test                           per   session                          £10.0

 14. Hair follicle test                          per   session                                              £10.0


 15. offer voucher.

  Natural productsSale and delivery(post) following:

 Special offer :

1、Lose weight,detox,useful reduce fat(cholesterol),(high blood pressure,diabetes and heart problem ,constipation,etc):


  (1)Feiyan tea                (2)Great impression tea (3)Great impression    (4)Hibiscus refreshing  (5)Lotus reshapin


 (6)Abdo trim patch       (7)Dieters drink tea     (8)Xiu zi slim capsule  (9) Huy sap  soup      (10)Xia sang ju keli


  (11)Ban lan gen keli

 2、Beauty and skin care(acne,spots,pigmentation) etc :


 (1)Rosebud beauty tea (2)Ginger drink tea (3)Foaming face wash (4)Face cream           (5)Acnfree spot gel

 (6)Pomegranate (7)Aloe moisturizing (8)Edelweiss    (9)Rose idebenone (10)Chamomile   (11)Pomegranate

 renewing  &         invisble elastic mask  hyaluronic acid  whitening mask    arbutin whitening    renewing gel

 whitening Mask                                                moisturizing mask                                            mask                                 mask



 (12)Aloe moisturizing  (13)Beauty tea         (14)101E Acne getaway  (15) Dried small red beans

3、Pain and arthritis(swelling ,stiffness,circulation problem), etc:


  (1)Ease oil                       (2)Ease patch                   (3)Ma pakleung oil     (4)Wood lock oil             (5)Pure moxi rolls


  (6)Fumeless moxi bar

 4、Tonic and strong body(strong immune system),etc:


 (1)Ginseng vitality tea (2) Dried red berry  (3)Angelica root             (4)Buck keen pian       (5)Cordyceps soup

 (6)Nourishing kidney (7)Zi yin yang yan   (8)Nourishing herbs  (9)Rudix codonopris (10)yam rhizome        

5、Herbal viagra:


 (1)Pink point oil     (2)Suifan's kwang tze    

 6、Sterile  needles:


   (1) 0.25x40                   (2) 0.25x25         (3) 0.20x13   etc.

 Sterile acupuncture needles with tube(different size)

 7、Mental problem(stress,depression,insomnia, etc):


  (1)Jieyu anshen granules  (2)Detox pads          (3)Dried lotus nuts      (4)Ning shen shun qi soup

 8、Urinary system infection(perineal clean protection ,prostatitis),etc:


 (1)San jin tablet            (2)Jie er yin xi ye

 9、Stomach problem(Stomachache,etc):


 (1)999weitai granules   (2)Dried Hawthorn slice

 10、Ear wax( tinnitus), etc:


 Ear candle

 11Pregnancy test:


   Pregnancy test bar

 12、Hair tonic:


 (1) Nurishing shampoo  (2) 101G Hair tonic      (3)101 Hair folice nourishing tonic




   more natural products visit our clinic please!(更多天然产品请光临我们诊所).






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