Here at Li Fan Medical supply a wide range of services .提供服务项目有):

  Free  Consultation check and diagnosisHealth guidance and Health care(well-being) for life etc .免费咨询、检查和诊断,健康指导和养生保健等。

 1.Chinese  Acupuncture  中国针灸

 2.Chinese  Acupressure (Tui Na or Medical Massage) 中国推拿,医疗保健按摩  and Lady massage available (Masseuse or  lady Massagist), you need to book an appointment first  女推拿按摩师需要先预约 ,offer professional massage

 3. Chinese  Medicine ( Chinese Herbs, Powder or Granule and Chinese patent medicine )  中药(中草药,浓缩粉剂或颗粒和中成药)

 4.  Herbal Viagra 中药壮阳性药

 5.Chinese  Reflexology  (Foot Massage) 足疗

 6.  Ear Candle  耳烛

 7.  Chinese  Cupping  Therapy and Fire Cure(therapy)  拔罐疗法 和火疗法

 8. Chinese Skin Scraping(Gua Sha) Therapy  刮痧疗法

 9.  Backbone Relaxing  Massage 踩背按摩

 10. Chinese  Cosmetics(Beauty)  中医美容

 11. Chinese  Facial  Massage 脸面部美容按摩

 12. Lamp Therapy  神灯理疗

 13. Lymphatic detox Therapy 淋巴排毒

 14. Anion steam Therapy 阴离子熏蒸

 15. Health care and Rehabilitation (Recovery)  Therapy (Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy) 医疗养生保健和康复理疗

 16. Chinese Moxibustion 艾灸

 17.  Allergy Test and Metal Test 过敏测试和金属矿物质检测

 18.  Hair Follicle Test 头发毛囊检测

 19.  Blood  Pressure  Check 血压检测

 20.  Pregnancy Test 早孕检测

 21.  Physical  Examination(Health Check ) etc.一般体检 等




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